Knowledge and researc, tradition and technological inovations, theory and tests are the principles and the guidelines that constantly inspire our activity. Thanks to the experience acquired during several decades, we manufacture standard as well as special chains according to the customer's drawings. Therefore, we are involved in a steady challenge trying to satisfy the specific recquest of a single design with up-to date solutions, which allow us to enlarge the technical and scientific files where the thousands of chains produced are catalogued. A constant modernizing process concerning maufacturing systems and equipments is carried out in order to guarantee the most accurate precision, perfect operation and reability of  the main basic element of highly advanced and often high-risk plants. Aiming conquering through our know-how, the favour of a wider  range of cusstomers, in this publications we intend to illustrate some plants on wich C.M.S. chains have been mounted, sure that the details of a picture are able to suggest the variety of fields of application of our products.